Leadership at Open the Bible
Leadership at Open the Bible

The hand of God has been on this work right from the beginning.

Each day we work to open the Bible for people, help people open the Bible themselves, and equip them to open it with others.

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Distinguishing Marks of True Repentance, Part 2

All Staff

Colin Smith

Founder & Teaching Pastor

John Aiello

Executive Director

Gina O'Brien

Director of Operations

Deb Weaks

Administrative Assistant

Tim Augustyn

Pastor of Ministry Resources

Steve Hiller

Director of Media Production

Stacy Zagar


Robb Hansen

Media & Marketing Consultant

Laura Eder

Ministry Partner Manager

Kevin Halloran

Product Manager

Stephanie Close

Marketing Manager

Bre Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Associate

Jacob Sedlacek

Content Marketing Associate

Margo Bott

Ministry Care Manager

Donna Ricci

Ministry Partner Team & Assistant to the Executive Director

Joyce Zwirkoski

Administrative Assistant

Carla Aiello

Ministry Resources Associate

Megan Lawrence

Ministry Partner Associate

Sarah Fincher

Ministry Partner Associate

John Martin

UK Executive Director