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Grasp the Gospel

This module with Dr. Scott Lothery will teach you a simple framework for grasping and sharing the most important message in human history.


The sin of Christian leaders can wreak havoc in the church. That’s why we must watch our lives closely by intentionally pursuing godliness. In this session, Pastor Colin Smith shares the what, the how, and the when for growing in godliness.

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How should gospel presentations start? Dr. Scott Lothery says the gospel begins with “Jesus is Lord.” But what does that mean, and where do we see that in Scripture?

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How is sin part of the good news? In this session, Dr. Scott shares encouraging news: Jesus is putting the world right regarding sin.

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How is Jesus putting the world right regarding sin? This session examines Jesus as the only Savior of sinners.

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How does the work of Christ benefit the world? In this session, Dr. Scott explains how Jesus is saving sinners by grace through faith. You will also learn three directions faith looks: backward, upward, and forward.

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The Gospel and God’s Love

Is saying ‘God loves you’ a good way to share the gospel with an unbeliever? How does God’s love relate to the gospel? This final session will explain how the various facets of Lord, Sin, Savior, and Faith fit together.

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