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Grasp the Gospel: Session 1


The sin of Christian leaders can wreak havoc in the church. That’s why we must watch our lives closely by intentionally pursuing godliness. In this session, Pastor Colin Smith shares the what, the how, and the when for growing in godliness.

Grasp the Gospel - Introduction - Teaching (audio)

Many are unclear about what the gospel of Jesus is. At the end of this teaching series, you will be able to articulate the gospel with confidence. This first session deals with reasons why the gospel isn’t clear to many people. Take time to consider the following two questions so we can revisit your answers at the end of the module.

What is the gospel? What core elements do you think every definition of the gospel should have?

Introduction PDF Transcript

Teaching Recap:

  • Four Reasons Why the Gospel Is Not Clear.
  • The Gospel is simple and deep at the same time.
  • The Gospel is not regularly emphasized in many of our churches.
  • The human heart drifts from the Gospel.
  • The Bible is not a dictionary.
  • The Subject of the Good News: Jesus

Discussion Questions:

  • Was defining the gospel in the first step of this session easy or hard? Why?
  • Dr. Scott shared four reasons why the gospel is hard to define. Which stuck out to you? Which have you seen in your own life? Are there any reasons you could add?
  • Knowing the gospel is essential for our conversion and growing in Christ, and yet our hearts drift from the gospel. In what ways do you drift from the gospel?
  • Read Luke 2:8–14. It’s hard to imagine how awe-inspiring it was to experience an angel proclaiming the words, “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people” when announcing the birth of Jesus. What would it have been like to witness that event?

Discussion Questions PDF

Respond to the teaching in prayer:

  • Praise God for the good news of His Son Jesus Christ coming to the world!
  • Confess ways you’ve neglected the gospel and drifted from it.
  • Thank God for the gospel and for the opportunity to think more deeply about Who He is and what He has done in Jesus Christ.
  • Ask God for His help in grasping and treasuring the world’s most important message, and that you’d be better equipped to clearly articulate it to others.
  • Pray for greater awe of the work of Jesus (finished work and ongoing work) in the world through the gospel.

Go deeper on the gospel by reading:

Article: Three Ways You Might Drift from the Gospel by Pastor Colin

Article: The Gospel is for All Kinds of People, Including You by Pastor Colin

Book: Always Good News: Why the Message of Jesus is Good Every Day (Christian Focus Publishers, 2023) by Scott Lothery

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