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Grasp the Gospel: Session 2


How should gospel presentations start? Dr. Scott Lothery says the gospel begins with “Jesus is Lord.” But what does that mean, and where do we see that in Scripture?

Grasp the Gospel - Lord - Teaching (audio)

How does the New Testament describe the gospel? And what specifically does it say about Jesus? In this session, Dr. Scott shares the first emphasis of the Gospel: Jesus is Lord.

What does ‘Jesus is Lord’ mean?

Lord PDF Transcript

Teaching Recap:

The overwhelming emphasis of the New Testament is that Jesus is Lord. The thing we must associate most with Jesus is His Lordship. His Lordship is:

1. Comprehensive – Jesus is the King

2. Perfect – Jesus is the Christ

3. Permanent – Jesus is the Son of God

Discussion Questions:

  • How did this message sharpen your understanding of the gospel?
  • Why do you think we tend to emphasize Jesus as Savior over Jesus as Lord?
  • Read Acts 10:36. Do you struggle to believe that Jesus is Lord over unbelievers?
  • Why is it good news that Jesus has comprehensive authority over all things? Jesus is Lord. In what ways is that a simple truth? In what ways is that a profound truth?
  • Read Colossians 1:15–20. What does it say about Jesus’ Lordship? How does this passage underline Dr. Scott’s teaching?

Discussion Questions PDF

Respond to this teaching in prayer:

  • Praise God that His Son Jesus is the King of the universe and nothing escapes His glorious rule!
  • Confess not always living in light of His Lordship and for seeking to exalt yourself as Lord in your life.
  • Thank God that He kept His promises in sending His Son, the Lord Jesus, as the Christ.
  • Thank God for not abandoning His care of the world when sin entered!
  • Ask God for greater faith in Jesus as Lord: specifically greater allegiance to His Kingship through joyful obedience.

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The following two documents share lists of Scriptures demonstrating how prevalent the word “Lord” is in the New Testament:

Examples of Gospel Sermons PDF

Lord in the Epistles PDF

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