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Good Friday Outreach Kit

Bring this powerful one-man drama, retelling the story of the thief on the cross, to your church!

The Outreach Kit provides you everything you’ll need to host a Good Friday service, giving your congregation an outreach opportunity to invite family and friends.

Good Friday Outreach Kit

Good Friday Outreach Kit includes:

  • Link for showing
  • 4 Posters
  • Digital assets for church website and social media
  • Sample of Invitation/ticket to print for your congregation
  • 10 free books to sell or give away
  • Sermon outline (Pastor Colin’s Heaven series) – optional

Discounted rates apply for additional copies of Heaven, How I Got Here:

  • 90 additional books – $3 per copy
  • 40 additional books – $3.75 per copy
  • 15 additional books – $5 per copy
Outreach Heaven Book Kit (1)

Performed by Stephen Baldwin and produced in partnership with Open the Bible.  Based on the book Heaven, How I Got Here by Colin Smith.

Outreach Kit Pre-order

The Outreach Kit will be available on December 1st, 2022. We will reach out and let you know how you can get your kit soon!

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