Daily Devotional Details


“I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27 (NIV)

Think about the difference between a dam and a pipe. Water comes to a dam, but it flows through a pipe.

This is a helpful picture in thinking about ministry. God never pours out his blessing with the intention that it should end with us, but always so that it may flow through us into the lives of others.

When God comes to Abraham, he says, “I will bless you,” and then he says, “and through you all the nations of the earth will be blessed.” If God’s blessing has come to you, does it flow through you? Are you like a dam or are you like a pipe?

The servant knows that his first priority is not to find blessing himself, but to bring blessing to someone else. There are plenty of people asking how they can be blessed, but true greatness in God’s kingdom begins when we start asking the question: “How can I be a blessing?”

Jesus enjoyed all the blessing that anybody could ever experience in the presence of the Father in heaven. But he would not allow the blessing to end with him, so he chose the road that would bring blessing to others, and that road led him into the world.

Aren’t you grateful that when Jesus came into the Garden of Gethsemane, he was not asking the question: “How can I be blessed?” He was asking: “How can I be a blessing?” That’s what true greatness in the kingdom of God looks like.

The greatest among you must become like one who serves, having a readiness to do what needs to be done and a commitment to bring blessing to others rather than to hoard it for ourselves.

Where are you more like a dam right now?