Daily Devotional Details


“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” Matthew 11:29 (NIV)

We come to God with our questions: “What’s your answer to this? How do you explain that?” But God won’t answer if you come to Him like that. He doesn’t need to pass your test, and as long as you approach God like a critic, you will never find rest for your soul.

Jesus says, “Enroll as a student in my class. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” Are you ready to do that? Will you let Him be your teacher? Will you allow Him to lead you into all truth through His Word?

Imagine Jesus Himself coming into the boardroom of your soul. The members of the Board are seated around the table, and Christ issues His invitation:

“Mind, come to me, and let me be your teacher. Will, come to me, and let us be yoked together. Imagination, come to me, and embrace a new dream that will be bigger than your work, your family, or your pleasure—the glory of God.”

“Memory, if you come to me, the past will no longer be your prison; it will be your launching pad. I can redeem the past. Conscience, come to me. What matters most is not whether you can forgive yourself, or whether someone else can forgive you, but whether I will forgive you. If you bring that burden to me, I will give you rest.”

“Heart, see my hands, my feet, and my side. I laid down my life for you. I love you. I want to pour this love into you, so that you may reflect it back to me and show it to the world. Come to me.”

Are you willing to consider Jesus’ proposal?