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Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth. 1 Peter 1:3 (NIV)

When the Bible says that you have been born again, it simply means God has brought about a deep change at the very core of your being. A new birth means a new nature, and that includes:

A new disposition
God takes the unique individuality He created in you—the way you move, desire, think, will, and feel—and moves that in a new direction, but it’s still you. Shy sinners become shy Christians and zany sinners become zany Christians. He takes the created you that reflects His glory, though corrupted by sin, and He moves you in a new direction.

A new appetite
Nature determines appetite, and when you are born again, God gives you a new appetite that reflects your new nature. Cats have an appetite for what cats love, dogs have an appetite for what dogs love, sinners have an appetite for what sinners love, and those who have been born again have an appetite for what Christ loves.

God creates a desire within you to live a new kind of life. You find freedom when you discover that what you most want in life turns out to be what God has called you to do.

New capacities
Nature also determines capacity. Dogs can’t fly; it’s not in their nature. Sinners cannot live in the presence of God or obey God’s laws; it’s not in their nature. That used to be your position. But when you are born again, God’s Spirit comes to live in you, giving you not only the desire to live a new life but also the capacity to pursue it in the power of His Spirit.

Birth is something that happens to you. When you realize that the only explanation for this miracle in you is the mercy of God, you will feel a sense of awe, wonder, and worship.

How have your disposition, appetite, and capacity changed since you encountered Jesus?