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“Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Matthew 5:3

Your hands have to be empty to grab hold of the first ring. When you’re poor, you don’t have much. When you’re poor in spirit, you realize what you lack. You don’t have what it takes. When you look into your spiritual wallet, you see it is empty.

It does not mean you have to pretend like you don’t have anything to offer your employer, sports team, or family. But it does mean you recognize your poverty of spirit before God. Jesus is not speaking about men and women in relation to each other, but He is describing what a person feels when he or she is face to face with God.

‘Poor in spirit’ is the first mark of a person who knows and walks with God. You may be a multi-talented superstar in sports, a highflyer in business, a mega mother at home, or a political genius in your community, but if you have truly met with God, you will know that before Him you have nothing to offer.

Even the prophet Isaiah had to discover this first ring. He was a preacher who was known and celebrated for his marvelous ministry. If he were around today, millions of people would subscribe to his podcast to hear this silver-tongued prophet speak.

But when he saw the Lord sitting on His throne, Isaiah cried out, “Woe is me! For I am lost!” (Isa. 6:4). He was undone, as if someone pulled him apart like a poorly knit sweater. By coming close to God, Isaiah gained a completely different view of himself.

Pride can only live in the soul of a person who is far from God. If you are at a distance from God, then His glory will barely make an impression on your life. But if you are close to God, you will be undone.

Why do you think true blessing begins with empty hands?