Daily Devotional Details


August 26, 2017

Now the overseer is to be… not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome… 1 Timothy 3:3 (NIV)

Unhealthy relationships are often marked by violence, harshness and quarreling. Pursue these things and you will become more effective in your service to the Lord.

  1. Not violent but gentle 
    In his article Qualifications for Elders, Philip Ryken says, “Bullies are not eligible for ordination. Men who are verbally or physically abusive cannot be trusted to tend God’s sheep.” The elder cannot be weak. He must be able to confront, but he must also have compassion. He must have understanding, and he must possess the kind of sympathy that reflects the spirit of Jesus.
  2. Not quarrelsome
    Some people carry conflict within them. They have a contrarian spirit. They promote controversies (1:4). They stir up trouble. What’s inside of you will spill out of you, when someone bumps into you. Elders are to be ambassadors, not for division, but for healing. He must be a peacemaker!

So in discerning who should lead, who we should trust, and who we should follow, look at a person’s relationships. Do you see gentleness? Are they contentious? Do trouble and conflict seem to follow them around? Or are they compassionate? Are they instruments of peace?

On a scale of 1 (healthy) to 10 (volatile), how would you describe your relationships? Ask God to show you how to move in the healthy direction.