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You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them…Not so with you. (Matt. 20:25-26, NIV)

Love woos, but it never forces. This is so important for Christian parents. Sometimes we can long so deeply for our children to follow Christ that we run the risk of manipulating them.

Adults have the power to lead a child to say or do almost anything. A compliant child will say a prayer you want them to say, but the danger is that, in our enthusiasm, we make them think they’re saved, when they haven’t experienced an inner transformation. So they conclude that Christian faith is only an empty shell. Be careful about putting pressure on your kids to profess faith or be baptized.

[tweet_box design=”default”]When it comes to matters of faith, remember that love woos, but it never forces.[/tweet_box]

Elizabeth Catherwood, the daughter of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, tells the story about being in her early teens when a friend of the family said to her father, “Elizabeth is 14 now. Don’t you think that you should have a talk with her?” By this he meant a direct attempt by her father to lead her to a decision. Lloyd-Jones replied, “She will come when she is ready.”

You are handling a life, a soul. When it comes to matters of faith, remember that love woos, but it never forces, and the wise parent will discern the difference.

Where are you going to find the wisdom, sufficiency, and love you need to parent with honor?

You find these in God. God is our wisdom. And he is completely self-sufficient: “I am who I am.” He doesn’t need us or depend on us. And God is love. That’s his very nature.

What do you feel your need of most today – wisdom, sufficiency, or love?