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In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3 (NIV)

The result of this new birth is a living hope. Living hope flows directly from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so it is important to take these two phrases together.

When Peter talks about living hope, he is not talking about taking a more optimistic view of life or somehow creating your own reality by being more positive in your outlook. We sometimes hear motivational speakers say that if you think in this positive way, you’ll create a new reality around you. That may be good psychology, but it has nothing to do with Christianity.

Living hope is not a mind game in which you create your own reality by the power of positive thinking. The living hope Peter is talking about is directly tied to the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus rose from the dead. He broke the power of death. Through the new birth, the power of His victory touches you.

God has brought you to share in His triumph through your new birth. Death has no hold over Jesus. He’s gone through it, and He’s ascended, and He’s on the throne in heaven. Death will therefore have no hold over you—nor will Satan, nor sin, nor hell—because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rather than spending time on positive thinking today, spend time remembering Jesus’ victory and the true, living hope you now share because of His resurrection.