Daily Devotional Details


Do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. 1 Peter 1:14 (NIV)

Peter is not saying that you won’t have evil desires; he is saying, “Don’t conform to them.”

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the new Christian who was baptized. After he came up out of the water, the young Christian rejoiced, “Now I won’t be tempted anymore!” But the pastor said, “For that blessing I would have to keep you under longer.”

Don’t be surprised or alarmed when you are tempted. Evil desires still dwell in you. God says, “Don’t conform to them.” Don’t do what they are telling you to do. Every time you say ‘Yes’ to an evil desire you increase its power. Every time you say ‘No’ you weaken its power.

If you have become used to buying on impulse, you will find that the impulse to get out the credit card and buy what you cannot afford is very strong. But God has put you in a position where you have the power to say ‘No.’

In the old life, your desires were in a position of control over you. They pushed you around. But in the new life, you can control your desires. God has put you in the position where you are the master —that’s real freedom!

The Bible’s teaching about sin is simple: “Don’t do it.” Don’t muddy the waters by saying, “I can’t help it.” If you can’t help it, you need to come to the risen Christ and be born again. If you have come to the risen Christ, his power is at work in you, so don’t say, “I can’t help it.”

What is your reaction to the Bible’s teaching about sin?