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Picture yourself arriving at a forest preserve, where you are offered a choice of various paths.  Some are easy and accessible.  Others take longer and are more challenging.  Open the Bible Story is a guided journey through the Bible where each path takes you through the same beautiful landscape but how much you see will depend on which path you choose.  And you don’t have to travel alone, grab a friend to join you on this journey!

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Continue with The Drive

“The Drive”, is a 30-session journey that explores the peaks and valleys of the Bible story. Once you’ve completed “The Flight”, “The Drive” will take you deeper into the valleys of the Old Testament, the peaks of the glory of Jesus, and the ups and downs of the Christian life.

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Complete The Hike

“The Hike”, is our most rigorous path through the Bible story. If you’re up for a challenge and you want to dig deep roots into God’s Word, this 50-session journey is for you. Each session includes 5 questions for personal reflection or group discussion.