Pastor Colin Smith & Eric Freckman Live Webinar

Rejecting the Endless Pursuit of More

Proven Principles of Managing Wealth Biblically | with Pastor Colin Smith and author Eric Freckman

A webinar with Pastor Colin Smith and author Eric Freckman, where you can learn how to weave together biblical truths about money & practical wisdom for planning your financial future.

About Eric Freckman

Eric M. Freckman, CFP®, CKA® is the Managing Partner of Guillaume & Freckman. He has 24 years of experience in the financial planning industry and holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Taylor University in Upland Indiana. Eric has maintained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation since 2003.

Eric enjoys working with clients and helping them realize there is much more to life than money.  He believes that money is only a tool that, when used effectively, can support and enhance the important things in life.



At some point, every one of us has asked ourselves the question, “How much is enough?” The seemingly endless pursuit of money and the security and peace it’s supposed to offer is part of our culture and part of our everyday lives. But, is it God’s way for our lives? Does it actually provide us with security or peace? Does the Bible have any practical guidance on how to navigate this critical topic?

Pastor Colin will discuss these and other important questions on this topic with Eric Freckman, who (with business partner Michael McKevitt) created the Purposeful Wealth Experience® financial management approach, authored the book Thinking Biblically & Purposefully About Your Wealth, and has helped hundreds of families steward their finances successfully in a God-honoring fashion.

  • Gain perspective from Pastor Colin about what the Bible teaches us about money
  • Learn from Eric’s 20+ years of helping clients find a better way with their finances
  • Hear Eric’s personal story and conviction on “building storehouses” on earth
  • Receive actionable advice on how to honor God with our approach to wealth
Thinking Biblically & Purposefully About Your Wealth

Thinking Biblically & Purposefully About Your Wealth 

The world is full of financial how-to books, but Thinking Biblically and Purposefully About Your Wealth offers more than just sound financial advice. It gives you a roadmap to help you reject the endless pursuit of more money and find true contentment. Good stewardship isn’t all about maximizing dollars, but learning how to use dollars for His Kingdom.