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February 10, 2020

70 Prompts for Fighting Sin


How do you start reading the Bible?

Jude, in his epistle, issues a challenge, a call. He appeals to readers to contend for the faith (Jude 3) or, to stay true to the message of Christ as originally proclaimed by the Lord’s apostles. As believers today, one application of his appeal throughout the book of Jude is to be compelled by God’s holiness and grace to live in greater and greater congruency with what is right.

The prayers below contain 70 principles derived from Jude’s letter about how and why believers fight sin and falsehood—contending for God’s goodness and truth to rule in the inner person.

Father, I want to avoid sin . . .

  1. Because I was reborn to serve not myself, but You (Jude 1).
  2. Because You, a holy God, love me (Jude 1).
  3. Because the grace of being kept for Christ is my joy; sin is not (Jude 1).
  4. Through Your kind mercy that upholds me (Jude 2).
  5. Through my status of peace with You in Christ, which rightly births actions that are at peace with You too (Jude 2).
  6. By Your love that makes me want Your fellowship instead of my sins (Jude 2).
  7. By the power of the unchangeable truth of the faith that supports my spiritual life (Jude 3).
  8. And not grow complacent; alert me to my sins, I pray (Jude 4).
  9. Because those who refuse, in unbelief, to turn from their sins are designated to destruction (Jude 4).
  10. Because being ungodly is a contradiction of who I was made by You, my God, to be (Jude 4).
  11. In order to progress spiritually by not perverting Your grace into something that gives leniency to sin and digression (Jude 4).
  12. Because disobedience to You offensively moves to negate who Jesus is, my Master and Lord (Jude 4).
  13. Through knowing I am accountable to the revealed truths of Scripture (Jude 4-5).
  14. Through dwelling on the mightiest act of salvation man could know—Jesus’ (Jude 5).
  15. Because the prerogative to tell me what to do and how to do it is Yours (Jude 6).
  16. Because future judgment means You never condone a casual attitude about sin (Jude 6).
  17. Through humble knowledge that, apart from Christ, sinners deserve eternal fire, conscience and unending suffering (Jude 7).
  18. By setting all of my dreams, my desires, before Your Word for approval or disapproval (Jude 8).
  19. By using my faculties and abilities according to Your holy will (Jude 8).
  20. In reverence for You (Jude 9).
  21. Through logic and reasoning that help me discern and choose what is right (Jude 10).
  22. Because I do not want to be a danger in leading others away from You (Jude 11).
  23. In love for my brothers and sisters in Christ, not wanting to wrong and hurt them (Jude 12).
  24. Because I never want to be numb to wickedness, sinning without any holy fear of You (Jude 12).
  25. In order to be able to bless others—I was not made to feed or help only myself (Jude 12).
  26. Because sin leads to more sin—like that of boasting of false insight in order to rationalize wrong actions (Jude 12).
  27. Because otherwise, I would be a fruit tree barren of fruit (Jude 12).
  28. Through knowing the destruction sin causes to the soul—its path is one that ultimately leads to lifeless up-rootedness (Jude 12).
  29. Because wild living based on my own rules rejects the good and purposeful direction of my Creator (Jude 13).
  30. Because the shame of sin brings an upheaval of life and circumstance, for me and those I know (Jude 13).
  31. Because my spiritual trajectory is intended to be fixed on You; a wandering spirit negates how you made me to be (Jude 13).
  32. Because sin is suited to a gloomy, utter darkness—not to a new creation in Christ (Jude 13).
  33. Through heeding the warning of condemnation for the faithlessly unrepentant (Jude 14).
  34. By thinking ahead to seeing You—how I will hate every second of sin, every denial of You as Lord and Master on that final day (Jude 14)!
  35. Through dwelling on the magnitude of the human decision to be faithless; Your judgments will not be altered in the age to come (Jude 15).
  36. Because You deserve all honor, not deeds and words of ungodliness (Jude 15).
  37. Because sin involves a grumbling spirit that sets self on high (Jude 16)
  38. Because sin involves discontentment, a form of disdain for what You have given and vain covetousness for what You have not (Jude 16).
  39. Because unrepentant sin is not an isolated act but the beginning or continuance of a pattern (Jude 16).
  40. Because unrepentant sin leads to me becoming loudest in my own mind—keeping me from hearing You and others (Jude 16).
  41. Because sin makes me see others merely as people to use for my objectives (Jude 16).
  42. Through wisely recalling biblical predictions that some who profess to believe will later reject You—my faith need not be displaced and my ears need not attune to hollow reasoning (Jude 17).
  43. Through remembering that I live in the last times; this life will soon pass (Jude 18).
  44. By a listening spirit that inclines itself toward holiness—and does not scoff at what I do not yet understand about God (Jude 18).
  45. Because unrepentant sin keeps my emotions from being devoted first to You (Jude 18).
  46. Because I never want to initiate any divisions in Christ’s beloved church through uttering false and ungodly proclamations—since division between true believers and unrepentant false teachers is vital (Jude 19).
  47. Because sin is worldliness, and worldliness will pass away with the world (Jude 19).
  48. Because sin involves seeking selfish power, dismissive of the power of the Holy Spirit (Jude 19).
  49. Through glad expectation that I can be built up in my faith (Jude 20).
  50. Through tuning my heart to the most holy nature of the faith (Jude 20).
  51. Through prayer in the Holy Spirit—truth-filled and Christ-exalting (Jude 20).
  52. In thankfulness that You have loved me before I ever knew to love You (Jude 20).
  53. Through highly anticipating the day when mercy will be finalized in glory (Jude 21).
  54. Because eternal life awaits, which blossoms from the seed of this life (Jude 21).
  55. By trusting that doubts do not disqualify me from returning to the faith (Jude 22).
  56. Through a cautious attitude—I am more susceptible to sin and its power than I think (Jude 23).
  57. Because Christ in me is a gift I want to cherish (Jude 24).
  58. Through confidence in Christ and all of His grace—the One who alone is able to keep me from falling to judgment (Jude 24).
  59. Because Christ shed His own precious blood to make me blameless (Jude 24).
  60. Through the expectation of one day being in Your presence—glorious (Jude 24).
  61. Through hope of an ultimate union of You together with Your people, which will yield a joy like no other (Jude 24).
  62. Because You are God of all people, all places, and all times—the only One worthy of my unqualified obedience (Jude 25).
  63. Because Jesus Christ has given Himself, that those who believe can call Him ours (Jude 25).
  64. In order to worship You above all else—for You are glorious, having radiant worth in all of who You are (Jude 25);
  65. You are majestic, with a beauty and transcendence that fills creatures will holy awe (Jude 25);
  66. To You belongs dominion, ultimate victory in this world (Jude 25);
  67. And to You belongs authority to do and command according to Your matchless, sovereign will (Jude 25).
  68. Because You are God above and before me—existing prior time’s start (Jude 25).
  69. Because You reign at this moment, calling for my present loving obedience (Jude 25).
  70. Because You are King forever, and You see fit to include in Your glory all who choose You now (Jude 25).

Thank You, Father, for the Scriptures that instruct me, Your Holy Spirit who guides me, Your promises that preserve me, and Christ—the prize of all prizes before me. Amen.

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Lianna Davis

Lianna (@liannadavis) is wed to Tyler and mother of two dear daughters, one who lives in heaven and one who lives on earth. She is author of Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss and Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude. More of her writing can be found at her website.
Lianna (@liannadavis) is wed to Tyler and mother of two dear daughters, one who lives in heaven and one who lives on earth. She is author of Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss and Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude. More of her writing can be found at her website.