Open the Bible Courses

Do you want to grow in your service to the Lord? Whether you are leading a small group, teaching a Sunday school class, serving as a missionary, or pastoring a church… establishing deep roots in God’s Word is essential to serving effectively and glorifying the Lord.

Open the Bible Courses is a free video-based training platform designed to equip you with a solid biblical foundation and practical, actionable guidance for serving the Lord over the long haul. In addition, many participants say our courses have given them inspiration for their walk with God and refreshment when they’ve grown weary.

In Paul’s letters to Timothy, he provides commands that serve as the foundation for Open the Bible Courses content—watch your life, watch your doctrine, and stir up the gifts in you.

3 Part series

A Flight Through the Bible Story

Join Pastor Colin for a fast-paced tour of the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation that culminates in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

This 3-session journey through the Bible that will introduce you to 5 people from the Old Testament, 5 events from the life of Jesus, and 5 gifts God gives to every Christian. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about the Bible, the “Flight” is a great place to begin.

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5 Part series

Pray the Bible

We all face obstacles in prayer. Some are theological; we forget why prayer matters or don’t feel heard by God. Other obstacles are practical; we don't know what to say or we simply can't focus for prayer.

Author Kevin Halloran believes that if we pray the Bible, we can bypass many of our struggles and go straight to fruitful prayer and deeper communion with God. The course Pray the Bible will introduce you to the benefits of praying the Bible as well as several tools for doing so.

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3 Part series

Sustaining a Lifetime of Ministry

If Jesus offered to tell you “secrets of the kingdom of heaven” for your ministry, would you listen?

Many ministry leaders face great discouragement. It may be problems in their ministry or church. It may be the growing evil in our world that flourishes while gospel fruit languishes. Or maybe it’s the mixed results of their ministries. To sustain a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ, we need God’s perspective. In this module, Pastor Colin Smith draws from Jesus’ Kingdom Parables in Matthew 13 to share foundational truth about what ministry in Christ’s kingdom is like. This is essential teaching for any gospel worker who wants to persevere in ministry over the long haul.

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6 Part series

Watch Your Doctrine

Doctrine is essential for us to know and follow Jesus. Doctrine is simply teaching that gathers together what God has said in Scripture. And we know that what God says is of utmost importance!

The aim of this module with Pastor Colin Smith is to help you get a good grasp of core doctrines of the Christian faith so that you will be able to lead and serve others. You will see what we believe about God, what we believe about ourselves, and what we believe about the salvation God has accomplished in Jesus Christ.

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6 Part series

Watch Your Life

Our lives can adorn the doctrine of the gospel or take away from it. For our lives to reflect God’s character and will for us, we must watch our lives closely (1 Timothy 4:16).

Geared for leaders but accessible to every believer, Watch Your Life will equip you to grow in godliness, cultivate your walk with Christ, and battle key challenges that confront followers of Christ.

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