Understand the Bible Story

The Bible is a story that begins in a garden, ends in a city, and all the way through points to Jesus Christ.
Bible study through the story of the Bible

The Flight

3 Sessions

Get Started with The Flight

Have you ever experienced the thrill of looking out the window of a plane? The beauty of the mountains, the vastness of the water, the lights of the city—it all just looks so amazing from above. You might be familiar with the area, but you’ve never seen it quite like this, and you think to yourself: This. Is. Stunning. That’s what The Flight is like.

The Flight is a 3-session journey, and along the way you will meet five people from the Old Testament, explore five events from the life of Jesus, and discover five gifts God gives to every Christian. Even if you’ve never opened the Bible before, this short flight will introduce you to God’s Word and leave you marveling at how it all fits together.


The Drive

30 Sessions

Continue with The Drive

The Old Testament. The New Testament. Psalms and Proverbs. Sometimes its hard to know where to start. When traveling, we rely on maps and navigation systems to take us through the countryside and to our destination. The Drive is a 30-session guided tour that explores the beautiful and treacherous landscape of the entire Bible story.

This journey will take you into the valleys of the Old Testament, the peaks of the glory of Jesus, and the ups and downs of the Christian life. The Bible spans thousands of years, but this simple, guided approach makes it feel like a quick drive up the road.


The Hike

50 Sessions

Complete The Hike

If you’ve ever been on a hike, then you’ve experienced views that stir your soul. But hikes can also be fatiguing, slippery, and precarious. The Hike is a 50-session journey that helps you navigate through some difficult passages of Scripture and takes you down some exciting new trails where you’ll encounter the Lord in an up close and personal way.

On this journey, you will scale mountains, sit by waterfalls, and see rocks and foliage that perhaps you never noticed before. Like any big hike, studying Scripture can feel intimidating and at times feel like hard work, but the discoveries are worth every minute of it!