Daily Devotional Details


“Let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall.” 1 Corinthians 10:12

If God has given you a position of authority and responsibility, you must be particularly aware of these temptations, because these are temptations that all leaders face:

  1. Power: “He must not acquire many horses for himself” (Dt. 17:16). Most leaders would like to have more power. But God says to be very careful about that. All kings have horses—but do not acquire great numbers of horses for yourself. Don’t try to become a power.
  2. Sex: “He shall not acquire many wives for himself, lest his heart turn away” (Dt. 17:17). It was common in those days for a king to have not simply a wife, but a harem. Wives from different royal families were often a means of sealing political alliances. Inevitably, with the many wives came the worship of many gods into the royal court. This is what happened to Solomon. In a culture saturated with pornography, Christian men are surrounded by many women. God says, “This leads the heart astray.” Beware of the lure of this temptation.
  3. Money: “Nor shall he acquire for himself excessive silver and gold” (Dt. 17:17). Being the king would give a man the opportunity to gather vast personal wealth. God says that you are not to do this. Don’t use your position of trust for personal gain.

Human nature never changes! The temptations God’s people faced more than 3,000 years ago are the same temptations we face today.

In which of these areas do you need to be more vigilant?