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7. The Son is one with the Father in life.
“For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself” (John 5:26).

The perfect union of the Father and the Son is seen in a shared life. The Father has life in himself, and the Son has life in himself.

Your life began through the union of your father and your mother. You were conceived. Before that you were not, and without that you would not have been! Life comes to us, but it is not like that for God. God has life in himself, and this is as true of the Son as it is true of the Father.

Now the words “He has granted the Son to have life in himself,” are very important, and here is what they tell us: The Father has granted that the Son is the one who holds the gift of life in his hand! He has this gift and “the Son gives life to whom he will” (5:21).

So try to take in this glimpse of the glory of Jesus Christ. He is one with the Father in work, in will, and in love. He is one with the Father in authority, in trust, and in honor. He is one with the Father in sharing the same self-sustaining life, and the Father has granted to him that, having the life of God in himself, he is the one who is able to give it to others.

We have the most glorious Savior! That’s who Jesus is—God with us, God for us, God laying claim to our love, our trust, our obedience, and our worship.

Which of the seven dimensions of unity to you find most encouraging? Why?