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“Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation.” Matthew 26:41

Jesus told us to watch because there are particular seasons when we are especially vulnerable. From Joseph’s story, here are seven seasons when we are more prone to temptation.

When we are young and single
Joseph was young and fit. He would have experienced all the tensions in his body and longings in his soul that come with the desire for intimacy God has placed within us all.

When we are good looking
“Joseph was handsome” (Gen. 39:6). Certain pressures and temptations come with the gift of beauty. If you have beauty, be modest and cautious. If you want beauty, be content that you are free of snares that can come with it.

When we have worked hard and been successful
Temptation is especially powerful when your energies are drained. Your heart says, “You deserve a reward.”

When we have opportunity
Temptation came looking for Joseph (39:7). Sometimes you may have a desire but no opportunity. Other times you can have opportunity but not desire. When the two come together, temptation is at the height of its power.

When we are away from home
Joseph was in Egypt. You also may know the pressures of being away from home. You check into a hotel, alone and anonymous, and you have more time than usual. You get the feeling that the normal rules don’t apply to you.

When we have no one to hold us accountable
Joseph was away from his family and community. And, being in a position of power, he was vulnerable to feeling he could do whatever he wanted.

When temptation continues over a long period of time
Potiphar’s wife spoke to Joseph day after day (39:10). This was a relentless campaign. It is easy to get tired of the battle and worn down.

Are you in any of these seasons right now?