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Today’s Devotional

Jesus Can Do More Than You Think

Philip responds to Jesus’ question about providing food for the massive crowd, by calculating the need of the crowd...

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A Friend for Your Soul

In a collected book of his sermons, The Works of Andrew Gray, Gray comments, “If you would keep your heart..."

Trust God’s Grace

The fifth step in guarding your heart is to trust that God’s grace is sufficient...

Pursue Good Fruit

The fourth step in guarding your heart is to identify and pursue the opposite of your sins...

Confess Your Sins

The third step in guarding your heart is to confess any sins that you are aware of...

Know Yourself

The second step in guarding your heart is to know yourself. Maybe you can remember a time when you were making good progress...

Watch Your Life

There are five steps involved in guarding your heart, and the first step we are going to look at today is to watch your life.

Keep Your Heart

You might say, “Only God can keep my heart.” That is like the farmer saying, “Only God can make my harvest grow”...


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