Daily Devotional Details


When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to the steward of his house, ‘Bring the men into the house, and slaughter an animal and make ready, for the men are to dine with me at noon.” Genesis 43:16

The stalemate between Jacob and his sons finally relented, and he let them take Benjamin to Egypt. Judah told his dad that the dearly loved son was the only hope for them and their children. If he didn’t send Benjamin, then all of them would die.

When the brothers arrived in Egypt, they were brought into the governor’s house. They braced themselves for what might happen. They feared more harsh treatment. “It is because of the money, which was replaced in our sacks the first time, that we are brought in, so that he may assault us and fall upon us to make us servants and seize our donkeys” (43:18).

Years ago, that’s what they had done to the Shechemites. They assaulted them and seized their property when the Shechemites were in no position to defend themselves (Gen. 34). Since they had assaulted the weak and vulnerable, they assumed this is what Joseph had in mind for them. The way you expect others to treat you will often reflect the way you have treated others.

But that is not what happened. In fact, they experienced nothing but kindness.

Why? “Joseph saw Benjamin with them” (43:16). When the brothers came on their own, the governor spoke harshly to them, but when they came with the dearly loved son, he received them with kindness and opened his home.

This is a beautiful picture of your position before God. If you come to Him without the dearly loved Son, you will find He speaks harshly to you. But if you come in the company of His Son, you will be welcomed into His house and seated at His table—no matter what you have done.

Why would God invite you to His table? How does this transform your view of God? Yourself?