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My son, give me your heart… Proverbs 23:26

Your heart, as a Christian, is like a walled city with enemies on the outside (the world, the flesh, and the devil) and traitors on the inside! Because you live in the flesh, something within you is drawn to sin. How do you guard against the traitors in your own heart?

The Bible tells the story of Joseph, a young man who had been badly treated, and was now living far from his family. He worked for a man named Potiphar, and Potiphar’s wife tempted him. When this happened, Joseph said, “How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God” (Gen. 39:9). None of Joseph’s brothers would have said that. They had been brought up in the same home, and taught the same faith, but their hearts were not given to the Lord.

Joseph lived in what the Bible calls “the fear of the Lord.” This is to so love God that his frown would be your greatest dread and his smile would be your greatest delight.

Christian young person, what will be stronger than the peer pressure around you when others are giving themselves to drink, drugs, and sexual temptation? Your best defense against sin is to give your heart to the Lord.

Christian business person, what will keep you faithful, as you move from city to city, from hotel to hotel, anonymous and often lonely? Common sense? Willpower? Your best defense against sin is to give your heart to the Lord.

Wounded Christian, what will keep you from sliding into bitterness, self-pity, and ultimately hardness of heart? Self-discipline? A sense of duty? Your best defense against these horrible, ugly sins is to give your heart to the Lord.

Where would your sinful heart lead you this week if you do not place it in Jesus’ hands today?