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The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV)

C. H. Spurgeon was the pastor of a large church in London surrounded by great need. God laid on Spurgeon’s heart a sense that the church had to do more for the gospel.

Pastor Welton, who was a student at Spurgeon’s college, records how at a Monday night prayer meeting, Spurgeon said:

“Dear friends, we are a huge church, and should be doing more for the Lord in this great city. I want us tonight, to ask Him to send us some new work; and if we need money to carry it on, let us pray that the means may also be sent.”

Several of the students had been called to the platform to join with the deacons and elders in leading the assembly…to plead with God about the matter.

While that mighty man of prayer, Mr. William Olney, was wrestling with the Lord, the beloved President (Spurgeon) knew that the answer had come. Had the Holy Spirit told him? It seemed so, for, walking lightly across the platform to where I was sitting, he said to me, “It’s all right, Welton, you pray for the conversion of sinners will you?”

A few days after this Tabernacle prayer meeting, a Mrs. Hillyard wrote to Spurgeon, offering a gift of ₤20,000 for…founding an orphanage for fatherless children.

The Holy Spirit prompted Spurgeon in what he asked. Faith was given. Mr. Olney prayed with great assurance, and the answer was given. Welton concluded:

“It was my conviction thirty years ago as it is today, that the Stockwell Orphanage, as well as the money to found it, came from the Lord in answer to the petitions offered that Monday night. Surely, the orphanage was born of prayer.”

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