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Abner called to Joab, “Shall the sword devour forever? Do you not know that the end will be bitter? How long will it be before you tell your people to turn from the pursuit of their brothers?” 2 Samuel 2:26

If someone has hurt you, wounded you or someone you love, you may feel that you have every reason to take them down. Joab would have said that Abner was a hypocrite, a bully, and a manipulator. All of that and more was true, but Abner says, “I am also your brother.” We both belong to the family that God has chosen to bless.

This speaks to those who have conflict with their mother, father, sister, or brother. You may have a legitimate grievance. You may have good reason for the bitterness that you feel. But this is your own flesh.

If you hate the person with whom God has made you one, you hate yourself! God made you one with your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are one body in the Lord. If you hurt them, you hurt yourself. If you destroy them, you will destroy yourself.

Christian, do not try to destroy another Christian on social media. This is your brother, your sister; and in attempting to destroy him or her, you will bring about your own destruction.

Thankfully, Abner’s questions brought an end to that day of senseless violence. Joab came to his senses. “So Joab blew the trumpet, and all the men stopped and pursued Israel no more, nor did they fight anymore” (2:28).

Is there a brother or sister in Christ you have been despising? Remember that you are one body in the Lord.