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By grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Do you see yourself as a miracle of grace? Your story may be very simple. But if you asked Jesus to be your Savior, you began to love and trust Him, and with all your faults and failings, you still do today. That is a miracle of grace.

Where would the secret power of sin have taken you, if it were not for God’s grace? Where would you be today? With all your contradictions, why do you still love and believe the truth? Answer: Jesus breathed His life into you and opened your eyes—a miracle of grace.

Maybe this hasn’t happened to you. Maybe you need a miracle of grace, a work of the Holy Spirit in your soul, changing what you love, opening your eyes to Jesus’ glory. Your Christian friends can’t do that. More knowledge can’t do that. You need Jesus to breathe His life into you. You need Him to bring you to the place where, like the first disciples, you know that the best thing you can do with your life is to follow Him.

Don’t push Jesus away, tell Him, “I need You to do for me what I cannot do for myself. Breathe your life into me. Open my eyes to your glory. Change this heart that loves sin and resists You. Do this miracle of grace in me.” And if you will do this, Jesus himself gives you this promise: “Whoever comes to me I will never cast out” (John 6:37).

Do you see yourself as a miracle of grace? Or do you need a miracle of grace?