Daily Devotional Details


And they went and woke him, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” Luke 8:24

Many homes have a heating and cooling system that works on a thermostat. When your home gets too hot, the thermostat clicks on and starts the cooling. When your home gets too cold, the thermostat clicks on and starts the heating. All this happens automatically.

A lot of people have the idea that faith is like a thermostat, that it works automatically. We feel that if we have faith then when some great crisis comes, our faith should click on automatically.

But if faith worked automatically, then it would have clicked on when the storm blew up on the lake, and the disciples would never have been in difficulty.

When Jesus asks the disciples: “Where is your faith?” his question makes it very clear that faith works manually. You have to put it into operation. You have to take your faith out and apply it to the particular situation in which you find yourself. There is intentional activity here.

You look at the situation that is facing you. You factor in the ability of God. You submit to the sovereignty of God, and then you trust intentionally in the goodness of God.

You refuse to panic, because you know that whatever happens, everything that concerns you is in the hand of God, and his plan is always for your ultimate good. Once you’ve worked that out, then you will be in a position to think with faith, pray with faith, speak with faith, and act with faith. And when that happens, the world will begin to wonder what makes you different.

Are you living as though faith were automatic? Where can you be more intentional?