Daily Devotional Details



“The threshing floors shall be full of grain; the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.” Joel 2:24

The harvests had been wiped out for four years, and God restored the years that the locusts had eaten by giving bumper crops. God can restore your lost years by multiplying your fruitfulness.

In one of his parables, Jesus spoke about a harvest that could be thirty, sixty, or a hundredfold (Matt. 13:8; Mark 4:8). There’s a huge difference between the three. Three years at a hundredfold is as much fruit as a decade at thirtyfold.

Why should you not ask him for this? “Lord, the locusts have eaten too many years of our lives. You have called your disciples to bear fruit that will last. Too many fruitless years have passed. Now Lord, we ask of you, give us some years now in which more lasting fruit will be born than in all of our years of small harvests.”

God can do more in a day or in a year than you can do in a lifetime. C. H. Spurgeon says in his sermon, Truth Stranger than Fiction: “One sermon preached in the power of the Holy Ghost will be worth ten thousand preached without… Thus God can, by endowing us with greater power, and firing us with fuller zeal, restore to us the years that the locust hath eaten.”

What would keep you from asking God to multiply your fruitfulness today?