Daily Devotional Details


Joseph… also was a disciple of Jesus. Matthew 27:57

Also tells us that there were other disciples, in addition to Joseph.

There were also many women there, looking on from a distance, who had followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering to him, among whom were Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. (Matt. 27:55-56)

These women stood at the cross for six hours, watching and waiting as Jesus suffered and died. They were there because they loved Him.

When the soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross, He prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Lk. 23:34). And before the day was done, some soldiers confessed faith in Jesus.

When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, they were filled with awe and said, “Truly this was the Son of God!” (Matt. 27:54).

Isaiah has been asking two questions: “Who has believed what he has heard from us?” and “Who considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living?” (Isa. 53:1, 8). In other words, Isaiah asked, “Who believes?” and “Who cares?”

Joseph and Nicodemus, the women, and some of the soldiers would have said, “We do! We believe in Jesus, and we care about Him.” God’s answer to a world that hates His Son is a community of people who honor His Son—which was already emerging at the cross.

Gathering for public worship is crucial. Our world does not honor Jesus, but every time you gather for worship, you make the public confession: “We believe in Him, we care about Him, and we are here to honor and exalt Him.”

Are you regularly gathering with others who care about Jesus and want to honor Him?