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Those who have served well gain… great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 3:13 (NIV)

We are not saved by the strength of our trust, the depth of our love, or the consistency of our service. Jesus saves us. But you will grow in faith as you step out in serving Jesus. A church that is growing in faith will be a church that is increasingly stretched out in serving.

Notice, Paul does not say that you need great assurance in order to serve. You do not need assurance to serve, you gain assurance by serving—it is something that is added to you as you serve.

The good tree bears good fruit (Mat. 7:17), and as you serve, you will see the evidence of your union with Christ. So, how are you going to serve?

Many years ago, a pastor named Joseph Parker spoke about how doubting Thomas came to faith after the resurrection. Thomas said, “Unless I see the prints of the nails in his hands, I will not believe.” What Thomas said about Jesus, the world is saying about the church: “Unless I see in your hands the prints of the nails, I will not believe.”

Don’t miss the connection between faith and serving: Those who serve well gain great assurance in their faith. A confidence and an enjoyment of God is given to those who serve well.

So how are you going to serve? How will you offer your hands to Jesus Christ?