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Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied. Isaiah 53:11

You are an eternal being. And if you have faith in Jesus Christ, the suffering you know in this world is the only suffering you will ever know in your entire life. Think about your eternity. What part is 10, 20, or 30 years in the light of eternity?

Isaiah is telling us that what Jesus did on the cross, He did freely and gladly, counting the joy of your redemption greater than the pain of His suffering.

The risen Lord already knows that He will look out over a vast company of redeemed people that no one can number. He already knows all of us by name. Already He walks with us and rejoices over us, as He will for eternity. Already He sees us—forgiven for our sins, healed from our wounds, brought out of our sorrows and into His everlasting joy. Jesus counts His own joy in us greater than all the pain of His suffering. And He lives to bring us into that joy.

This means you are more loved than you ever dared to dream. It’s almost frightening to think of being loved that much. This love—the love of the Savior who offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins, substituting Himself under the piercing, crushing, chastising, and wounding that belonged to us on account of our sins, so that we might have peace and healing as we are redeemed from our suffering—this love, this sacrifice, this Jesus is your salvation.

Reflect on the anguish of Christ’s suffering and the weight of this eternal redemption He has paid out of His love for you.