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“Now therefore let your hands be strong, and be valiant, for Saul your lord is dead, and the house of Judah has anointed me king over them.” 2 Samuel 2:7

David gives the people of Jabesh-gilead a great invitation: “The kingdom you lived for is passing away. A new kingdom is rising, and there is room in this kingdom for you! I will do you good!”

When you believe that Christ will do you good, you will be ready to embrace him as your king. But it takes courage to switch sides. David knows this, and that is why he says, “Be valiant” (2:7).

If you grew up in church, but you chose to move in another direction, it will be no small thing for you to own Jesus as your king. You have become used to keeping him at a distance. But today he says to you, “I will do good to you.”

If you were brought up with a different faith, or with no faith at all, it will be no small thing for you to take your stand with Jesus Christ. You may have been against Jesus, but that does not mean Jesus is against you. He invites you to live under the blessing of his rule, and he says to you today, “I will do good to you.”

You may be saying, “Why would he want to do good for me?” That’s grace! While we were still his enemies, Christ died for us. This grace is what makes the response of faith possible! When you know and believe that Jesus Christ will do good to you, you will freely and gladly submit to his rule. Knowing that he has come to do us good is what we discover at the cross.

Do you truly believe that Jesus intends to do you good?