Daily Devotional Details



The Lord God comes with might, and his arm rules for him. Isaiah 40:10

The glory of the Lord has been revealed, and he is awesome in strength! “How so?” you ask.

  • You see this in his life—he endured temptation, opposition, and the relentless demands of people in need pressing in on him day after day.
  • You also see this in his death—he endured suffering beyond anything we can grasp.
  • You see it most of all in his mighty power—by which he raised himself from the dead: “Nobody takes my life from me: I have power to lay it down and power to take it up again!” (John 10:18).

Think what a Savior with this kind of power could do for you! There are things about yourself that you have not been able to change. You have found, as the Bible says, that the leopard cannot change its spots (Jer. 13:23).

You would like to turn over a new leaf. You would like to be a new and better person. You’ve tried. But you found that it’s harder than you thought. You need a power that is greater than yourself. Look! The Lord God comes with might. The glory of the Lord has been revealed! The Savior has come! He reaches out to you with strong hands, and with a mighty arm.

Where do you see a glimpse of the Lord’s glory in his strength today?