Daily Devotional Details


The disciples went and woke him [Jesus], saying “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” Luke 8:24 (NIV)

Notice what the disciples said when they found themselves in the storm: “We’re going to drown.” The disciples were afraid, not just that they would drown, but that Jesus would go down with them. They are all in the same boat. “Master, we’re going to drown!”

Here is the Savior of the world, along with the twelve He has chosen as apostles to bring the good news of God’s salvation to the world. The entire hope of the ages is floating in this little boat. The whole of the Old Testament has been preparing for the coming of Jesus. Now it seems that the whole purpose of God is going to be sunk right here on this little lake.

We all know what this is like. Something happens and it seems that everything that God ever purposed for your life will be sunk. A job comes to an end. A church changes direction. An illness or tragedy affects the family. A loved one dies, and you feel that everything is lost.

Along with the disciples, you come to the place of saying, “Master, we’re going to drown.”

Out on the lake, these disciples discovered what we need to learn: Christ’s work is not so easily sunk! The storm that is raging around you is a small thing for Jesus. It will not overwhelm Him, and that is why it will not overwhelm you.

So Jesus turns to the disciples and He says, “Where is your faith?” (8:25).

What situation are you facing that makes you feel like saying, “Master, we’re going to drown!”