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Watch and pray… (Matthew 26:41, NIV)

Jesus gave the command to watch and pray: “This is what you must do.”  But the disciples do not obey his command and they enter into temptation.  That’s our position, isn’t it?  We have not kept the command of Christ.  All of us have sinned in many ways.  We have not watched or prayed as we ought.  We have entered into temptation and sin mars our lives because of it.

What was Christ doing here?  Jesus was praying for Peter, when Peter wasn’t praying for himself, “Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail” (Luke 22:31).

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You may say, “I thought Peter did fail.”  Yes, Jesus knew that Peter would fail, but he prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail: “Satan has his eye on you, Peter.  He wants to tear you apart.  He will come against you with everything he’s got.  But I’ve prayed that your faith won’t fail,  that when you fall into sin it won’t be the end for you, but that you will look to me.”

The next day Jesus went to the cross, where he died for sinners like us.  He bore our sins and our failings.  Then he rose from the dead and today he offers forgiveness and restoration for all who look to him in faith and repentance.

Christ died for you.  Christ intercedes for you.  The Son of God is at the right hand of the Father and he’s for you!  He’s for you when you triumph and he’s for you when you fail.  And when you pray, you draw near to him!  That’s why there’s hope for you when you fall into temptation.

Does this motivate you to pray?  Why or why not?