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But when he saw the wind, he was afraid. Matthew 14:30 (NIV)

Peter could trust Jesus up to a point. He felt he could trust Jesus to suspend the law of gravity, but when he felt the power of the wind, he was not so sure.

There is something profoundly illogical here. If Peter could trust Christ to suspend gravity, why could he not trust Him with the wind? It doesn’t make sense to say, “I believe Jesus can suspend the laws of gravity, but only in good weather conditions.”

It might be helpful to answer the following three questions:

Can you trust Jesus to blot out your sins by the power of His blood?

Can you believe that, at the point of death, Jesus will bring your soul immediately, consciously, and joyfully into the presence of God?

Can you trust Jesus to raise your body from the grave and give you a transformed body that is adapted for everlasting life?

Now, keeping your answers in mind, here are three more questions:

If you can trust Jesus to save you, can you not also trust Him to keep you?

If Jesus can usher you into eternal life, can He not also bring you through the troubles of this life?

If you can trust Jesus to redeem you, can you not also trust Him to provide for you?

A long time ago, a pastor preached on the first line of Psalm 23, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” He called his message, The Logic of Faith. “If the Lord is my shepherd, if I have trusted my life to Him, if I belong to His flock, then I shall not want.”

If you have trusted Jesus with your sins, your soul, and your eternity, what is there that you feel is beyond His ability? Take a moment to allow your faith to speak to your doubts.