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Do not be slothful in zeal. Romans 12:10

Today’s devotional is from Pastor Martyn Lloyd Jones, who says that the danger [when you are in a funk] is to say to yourself:

I’ve lost that something I had, and I’ll never get it back. I’ve lost the thrill, the joy, the abandon. What can I do? I’ll resign myself to my fate. I won’t be a quitter. I will go on, feeling rather hopeless.

Friend, if you and I have come to regard any aspect of this Christian life as a task and a duty, and we have to clench our teeth to get through it, I say we are insulting God, and we’ve forgotten the very essence of Christianity.

The Christian life is not a task; it alone is righteous, holy, pure, and good. It’s the kind of life the Son of God lived. You have no right to look at your life like that, and if you do, go back to the beginning and ask yourself: How did I ever come into this Christian life? Here you are on this narrow way about which you are grumbling so much. How did you come from that broad way on which you were once walking? What made the difference?

There’s only one answer: The Son of God left heaven, having divested himself of his eternal glory, humbled himself and was born as a babe in a manger, endured the life of this world for thirty-three years, was spat upon and reviled and had a crown of thorns thrust onto his head, and was nailed upon a cross and bore the punishment of my sins.

If I ever find myself doubting the greatness and wonder of this walk, then I’m spitting on him.

How did you come into the Christian life?