Daily Devotional Details


Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me all that I ever did.” John 4:39

This spiritual movement is happening in a small town (Samaria), the most unlikely place for a spiritual movement (one might think).

  • Think of an area of this country that is least likely to respond to the gospel. You are thinking about Samaria.
  • Think about a country where you think people are least likely to come to the Lord. You are thinking about Samaria.
  • Think about a person you know (or have been praying for) who seems far from God and far from any interest in the gospel. You are now thinking about Samaria.

In this story, the least likely person in the least likely place comes to faith in Jesus and, as a result, there is a spiritual awakening and a whole community is stirred with interest in the gospel.

It is not always like this. Another time Jesus went into Samaria and the people rejected him (see Luke 9:51 ff). Give yourself to ministry and there will be disappointments, but you will also see God at work in ways that you did not expect!

Sometimes the people you think will be most interested in the gospel turn out to have no interest at all. Often, the people you might think would have no interest in Christ will become the most devoted and the most fruitful followers of the Savior.

Notice how this community was reached: Someone went across a cultural barrier and shared the gospel with this woman, and her life was wonderfully changed. Then this woman went back into her own culture, where she was known by others, and many people came to faith in Jesus Christ as a result of her testimony.

Where is your Samaria?