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This is the testimony of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, “Who are you?” John 1:19

Have you ever asked yourself: Who am I? Here is an answer that is consistent with a Christian understanding of self.

  • I am created by God; I belong to him and exist for his glory.
  • I am a sinner who deserves nothing from God, but I look to him for mercy.
  • I am a new creation in Christ, redeemed at inestimable cost, despite all the struggles that arise from the sin that remains in my flesh.
  • I am a child of God, destined for unimaginable joy through Christ, my Lord and Savior.

If you were to take “the Lord” out of this, how would you know who you are?

Now imagine that you are not a Christian, and you want to know who you are, so you decide to work with a therapist who is an atheist.

The therapist asks you to tell her about yourself, so you begin by describing your job. “No, you are more than your work. That’s what you do.”

You talk about being a husband and a father. “No. You are more than your family. That is who you love. You can’t define yourself by your job or your family.”

On the way home a friend asks you what came out of the therapy: “Who are you?” You answer with a sigh, “I really don’t know.”

It was John Calvin who said that all the wisdom we possess is divided into two parts—knowing God and knowing ourselves. When you meet Jesus, you get both.

Who are you?