Daily Devotional Details


They saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Matthew 2:11

Jesus had more enemies than friends, but from the beginning, some people gave themselves to him in wholehearted allegiance. When Christ was born, Herod was determined to destroy him, but the wise men came to worship him.

Years later at the cross, the crowd was pouring out their venom: “Look at this Jesus! Who wants him as their King?” There is a thief on the cross next to him, and he is saying, “I do! Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!”

Who wants this Jesus as their King? At the foot of the cross, there is Mary with some other women, along with John, and they are saying, “We do!”

On the third day, the tomb is empty. The scattered disciples are gathered, and Jesus appears to them. Peter, who denied him, is restored and forgiven. Thomas, who had so many questions, finally believed. And they worship Jesus as their King.

Then Christ ascends to heaven, where he reigns as the exalted King, and on the day of Pentecost, he pours out the Holy Spirit on all of his people. Peter then speaks with great boldness to the crowd that has gathered: “This Jesus, whom you crucified, God has made both Lord and Christ! But he is ready to forgive and bring all who will come under the blessing of his rule. Who wants to submit to this Savior King?” And three thousand people say, “We do!”

Since that day, the good news of the Savior King, who is ready to forgive all who come to him in faith and repentance, has gone out across the nations. Submit yourself to this King and enter into his kingdom!

Have you submitted to Jesus as the Savior King of your life?