Daily Devotional Details


So then, brothers, stand firm. 2 Thessalonians 2:15

If the message of Christianity was—Satan is raging, the world is getting worse, godless people are deceived, the antichrist is coming, and in the end it is up to us to stand firm—then we would all feel completely hopeless.

Maybe that is how you feel today. When you look at what you are up against, you feel completely helpless. You are surrounded by darkness and the battle is intense. You feel overwhelmed.

If that’s how you feel today, you need to drink in the truth of who you are in Christ. Nourish your soul here. Find strength for the battle in this reality. Don’t pass by this quickly or you will miss the oasis, the refreshment that God has for you.

Take this in, Christian… You are loved by the Lord. God chose you from the beginning. You are saved through the sanctifying work of the Spirit and through believing the truth. God has called you through the gospel, and your future is to share the everlasting glory of Christ.

These are life-giving truths. Don’t skim over them. This is who you are in Christ. You may not feel like it today, but this is what God says about you, and about every Christian believer. This is your identity in Christ, so meditate on these things.

When you’ve preached this truth to yourself over and over, and these things begin to sink in, then you’re ready to hear God’s word of encouragement to you today, “So, then, brother or sister, in light of these things, stand firm!”

Have you been skimming over these truths? Do you need to take some time right now to drink in the truth of who you are in Christ?