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“Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” (Luke 6:46, NIV)

What Jesus said to his disciples here is an astonishing statement, isn’t it? “You call yourselves my disciples. You make this big deal about worshipping me. You tell other people that you’ve trusted your eternal destiny to me. So why don’t you do what I say?”

One reason we neglect Jesus’ teaching is we find it so challenging. Another is that we can’t do what Jesus says unless we know what he says. So our aim is to rediscover some of Jesus’ teaching that we easily forget or ignore.

The four letters WWJD have become popular as a way of remembering the question “What would Jesus do?” It’s a great question, but how do you get the answer? How do you know what Jesus would do when someone knocks you down at your high school, or asks you for money, or tells you a secret, or attacks your country?

How do you know what Jesus would do? Is it just whatever you feel? If that’s how you answer the question, then Jesus becomes nothing more than a reflection of your feelings. Instead of you becoming a reflection of Jesus, it turns out that your Jesus is just a reflection of you.

So how do you know what Jesus would do? The only way you can know what Jesus would do is by learning and applying what Jesus said.

If we learn WDJS (What did Jesus say?), we will be in a much better position to discern WWJD (What would Jesus do?).

How would you answer Jesus’ question in Luke 6:46?