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The Gospel According to Isaiah

No chapter in the Bible shows more clearly why Jesus came into the world.
No chapter explains more fully what Jesus accomplished.

Isaiah 53 is an invitation to look at the Lord Jesus Christ.
This chapter was written hundreds of years before the time of Jesus,
but it describes in detail what happened in His life, death, and resurrection.

  1. Our Unbelief                   Isaiah 53:1
  2. Our Desire                       Isaiah 53:2
  3. Our Verdict                      Isaiah 53:3
  4. Restoration                      Isaiah 53:4
  5. Substitution                     Isaiah 53:5
  6. Imputation                       Isaiah 53:6
  7. Submission                      Isaiah 53:7
  8. Humiliation                      Isaiah 53:8
  9. Vindication                      Isaiah 53:9
  10. Resurrection                    Isaiah 53:10
  11. Satisfaction                      Isaiah 53:11
  12. Celebration                      Isaiah 53:12

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