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Pray the Bible: Session 2

Why Pray the Bible

If you struggle with focus in prayer, having the right words, or with praying with mixed motives, take heart! This second session of Pray the Bible shares eight reasons why praying the Bible is so spiritually beneficial and practically powerful, and closes by sharing a few tools for praying the Bible.

Pray the Bible - Why Pray the Bible - Teaching (audio)

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Discussion Questions:

  • Which of the eight points struck you? How do you respond overall to the list? Is there anything you would add?
    1. Pray the Bible because it is a practice we see in the Bible.
    2. Pray the Bible because it helps us have a conversation with God.
    3. Pray the Bible because the Bible builds our faith.
    4. Pray the Bible because the power of God’s Word changes us and strengthens our prayers.
    5. Pray the Bible because it will increase our confidence that God hears our prayers.
    6. Pray the Bible because it serves as guardrails for our motives.
    7. Pray the Bible because it helps our prayers be well-rounded.
    8. Pray the Bible because it helps us focus by giving us structure. How can praying the Bible help your relationship with God? How can it help you practically?
  • Exercise #1: Read Romans 12:1–2 and respond in prayer with the 3–R method: Rejoice, Repent, Request [1]. How did the 3-R method help you? Who can you teach it to?
  • Exercise #2: Pray for a specific person or situation (like your work life or a trial) using the Lord’s Prayer. How did praying this way help you? How can you incorporate it into your prayer life

Discussion Questions PDF

[1] Note: Kevin DeYoung has said this about the 3-R method, which comes from Ben Patterson’s book God’s Prayer Book: “This simple tool has helped me pray the Bible more than any other single strategy. I’ve used [it] in my devotional times and have employed it often in leading others in prayer.”

Respond to the teaching in prayer:

  • Rejoice at the power and practicality of praying God’s Holy Word!
  • Thank God for such a priceless treasure we can access each day!
  • Repent at neglecting His Word and prayer.
  • Request a deeper love for God and dedication to bringing His Word back to Him in prayer.

Recommended Resources:

Article: 25 Powerful Prayers from the Bible by Kevin Halloran

Article: Praying the Bible for Someone Who is Suffering in which Kevin Halloran and Tim Augustyn talk about a book that will help you pray the Bible.

Video Clip: The Power of God’s Word Brings Change: An Example from the Life of David by Pastor Colin

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