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Pray the Bible

We all face obstacles in prayer. Some are theological; we forget why prayer matters or don’t feel heard by God. Other obstacles are practical; we don't know what to say or we simply can't focus for prayer.
Author Kevin Halloran believes that if we pray the Bible, we can bypass many of our struggles and go straight to fruitful prayer and deeper communion with God. The course Pray the Bible will introduce you to the benefits of praying the Bible as well as several tools for doing so.

Why Prayer Matters

Drawing from Jesus’ masterclass on prayer (the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9–13), this session will share seven reasons why prayer matters. The Lord’s Prayer is foundational because it helps us look at prayer from God’s perspective; He’s the One we pray to, and His perspective is the only one that matters.

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Why Pray the Bible

If you struggle with focus in prayer, having the right words, or with praying with mixed motives, take heart! This second session of Pray the Bible shares eight reasons why praying the Bible is so spiritually beneficial and practically powerful, and closes by sharing a few tools for praying the Bible.

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Praying the Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a treasure trove of theology-laden, emotion-driven songs of praise and lament. They give us words for when our hearts fail us, and serve as the emotional soundtrack of God’s worshiping people. And yet, for many, praying the Psalms might seem great in theory, but challenging in practice. This session helps

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Praying the Apostle Paul’s Prayers

Scattered throughout his thirteen epistles are many prayers by the apostle Paul—some long and glorious, others short and sweet. Session four of Pray the Bible will teach us why Paul can be an example for us in prayer, how to identify Paul’s prayers, and work through three of Paul’s prayers with practical pointers on how

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Obstacles to Prayer

Obstacles to prayer can greatly hinder our relationship with God and our motivation for seeking Him in prayer. Thankfully, God’s Word has the answer. This final session of Pray the Bible will tackle five obstacles to prayer, leaving viewers with confidence and motivation to invest their lives in the kingdom of God through prayer.

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