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Sustaining a Lifetime of Ministry

Sustaining a Lifetime of Ministry: Session 2

Limitations (The Parable of the Weeds)

How do we press on in service to Christ when evil seems to make greater progress than the gospel? Pastor Colin opens the Parable of the Weeds to show us our limitations and point us to our limitless God.

Sustaining a Lifetime of Ministry - Limitations (The Parable of the Weeds) - Teaching (audio)

Limitations PDF Transcript

Discussion Questions:

  • In what ways has the growing evil of our world discouraged your faith? Your ministry?
  • Read Matthew 28:18–20. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus; authority over every part of your ministry, the gifts you have, the challenges you face, and the fruit you will bear. How should believing this truth shape your ministry?
  • It is unwise to focus on rooting out all evil in the world. Why? What’s a better focus for us?
  • In what ways does this parable change your expectations for ministry?
  • Many people today, Christians included, blame the church for the world’s problems. How does this parable speak to that idea?
  • Explain the hope that this parable gives us as we think about bearing fruit for Christ.

Discussion Question PDF

Respond to this teaching in prayer:

  • Praise Jesus for His sovereignty over every detail of your life, your gifts, your ministry, and the entire universe!
  • Confess the times you have doubted God’s work due to evil in the world.
  • Ask God to strengthen your resolve to faithfully sow the good seed with anticipation of Christ’s harvest.

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