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Watch Your Doctrine: Session 1

Knowing God

“Here I am, send me!” should be the cry of every Christian leader. The Prophet Isaiah first spoke these familiar words after a transforming encounter with the living God in Isaiah 6. Join Pastor Colin as he helps us see how God’s holiness and glory propel us forward in “Here I am, send me!” type-service.

Watch Your Doctrine - Knowing God - Teaching (audio)

Knowing God PDF Transcript

Discussion Questions:

  • Doctrine is important because, at its core, it is faithful teaching of what God has revealed in His Word. What are the consequences of a believer not having a good grasp of doctrine? What are the consequences for a leader?
  • When have you been most gripped by God’s glory? Why is it so essential for Christian leadership?
  • How important is it to God that we are humbled by our need? (See also Isaiah 66:2b.)
  • Pastor Colin said, “Speaking was [Isaiah’s] spiritual gift and it would have been so easy for Isaiah to use that gift to promote himself. Sin lurked not only in the dark corners of his life, but even in his greatest gift!” In what ways might you be tempted to sin in the use of your ministry gifts?
  • “God by His grace takes the sacrifice of Jesus and applies it to the place in your life where you are most aware of your own sin and most ashamed of your repeated failure.” How does this speak to your heart? How does this shape your view of why Isaiah could say, “Here I am! Send me”?
  • Christian leaders need a growing relationship with God to sustain ministry. How do you most need to grow in your relationship with God?

Discussion Questions PDF

Respond to the teaching in prayer:

  • Praise God for His glory and grace to us in Christ!
  • Confess your sin, pride, and lack of awareness of God and His glory.
  • Thank God for revealing Himself to us in the Scriptures, teaching us about ourselves, and sharing how He has brought salvation in Christ.
  • Ask God for greater faith, deeper humility, and a stronger sense of being sent on mission to see His glory spread over the earth.

Resources To Go Deeper:

Seven Blessings for Empty-Handed Believers by Pastor Colin

How Can I Know God? By Pastor Colin A Prayer to Honor God’s Name by Pastor Colin

Theological Article: The Glory of God by Christopher Morgan

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