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Watch Your Doctrine

Doctrine is essential for us to know and follow Jesus. Doctrine is simply teaching that gathers together what God has said in Scripture. And we know that what God says is of utmost importance!
The aim of this module with Pastor Colin Smith is to help you get a good grasp of core doctrines of the Christian faith so that you will be able to lead and serve others. You will see what we believe about God, what we believe about ourselves, and what we believe about the salvation God has accomplished in Jesus Christ.

Knowing God

“Here I am, send me!” should be the cry of every Christian leader. The Prophet Isaiah first spoke these familiar words after a transforming encounter with the living God in Isaiah 6. Join Pastor Colin as he helps us see how God’s holiness and glory propel us forward in “Here I am, send me!” type-service.

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God Speaks Through His Word

Your conviction about Scripture will shape and drive your ministry. Join Pastor Colin to learn how Scripture came, what Scripture is, and what Scripture does. This session will bolster your confidence in the Bible as the Word of God and its utmost importance in ministering others.

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Ruined by Sin

What is the fundamental human problem? Why are there so many people who do not worship, love, and obey God? The answer to both questions is sin. Yes, sin is a gloomy topic, but understanding it is essential to minister the finished work of Christ to our broken world. Join Pastor Colin as he unpacks

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Regenerated by the Spirit

What is the difference between a person who is saved and a person who is not? How are repentance and faith possible for someone dead in their sins? What has happened to you that can only be explained by an intervention of God’s power? The answer to these questions is the crucial (and sometimes neglected)

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Justification by Faith

It has been said that the doctrine of justification is the doctrine on which the church stands or falls. And yet for generations, there has been much confusion on this doctrine. In this session, Pastor Colin clarifies what it means to be justified and helps us understand faith’s vital role.

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Propitiation and Redemption

In this session, Pastor Colin unpacks what some consider the most important paragraph ever written and how it teaches two theological words that get to the very heart of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

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