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Watch Your Doctrine: Session 4

Regenerated by the Spirit

What is the difference between a person who is saved and a person who is not? How are repentance and faith possible for someone dead in their sins? What has happened to you that can only be explained by an intervention of God’s power? The answer to these questions is the crucial (and sometimes neglected) doctrine of regeneration.

Watch Your Doctrine - Regenerated by the Spirit - Teaching (audio)

Regenerated by the Spirit PDF Transcript

Discussion Questions:

  • How does the Bible describe a person before regeneration? After regeneration?
  • Pastor Colin defined regeneration as “the work of God’s Holy Spirit by which He has changed your soul so that with a new mind, heart and will, you trust Him, love Him, and follow Him gladly.” How have you noticed these changes in your life? The lives of others?
  • Read Titus 3:4–6. What does this passage teach us about the character of God? How does that relate to regeneration?
  • Does the fact that regeneration is God’s work change your view of conversion? In what way?
  • Regeneration is Christ’s completed work in us while sanctification is His continuing work in us. How does our regenerated status make our sanctification possible?
  • Describe the importance of understanding regeneration for ministering to others.

Discussion Questions PDF

Respond to the teaching in prayer:

  • Praise God for breathing life into what was once dead!
  • Confess that although your regeneration is completed, you still continually need God’s help.
  • Thank God for a new heart and a new way of life in Christ.
  • Ask for a greater understanding of your regeneration and God’s help to live according to your new nature.

Resources To Go Deeper:

The Twin Tracks of the Christian Life

Three Marks of a Godly Person

You Are Not a Slave to Sin—Even If You Feel Like One

Theological Essay: “Regeneration” by Matthew Barrett

Sermon Series: Regeneration by Pastor Colin Smith

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